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Mindsoul Mamas + Babies:
Our new 4 week program starting August 2024, for mamas in York Region!

Mindsoul Mamas + Babies

Empower Your 4th Trimester with The MindSoul Mama Method.

The Mindsoul Mama Method is for mama’s with babies under 18 months who don’t know where to start with their movement journey to regain their strength and mobility back after birth. 

If you want to learn: 

  • How to find time for movement into your busy days

  • How to find meaningful connections with other mamas in your community 

  • How to regain confidence in your movement routine and in your body

  • How to learn tools to help regulate your nervous system to help balance the responsibility (and worries!) that tend to come with motherhood

You’ve come to the right place! 

We begin in August 2024, and spaces are limited!

Mom Jump Rope

When you join the Mindsoul Mamas Method you are joining a community of mamas just like you! Who wants to get their confidence back after baby by gaining strength and mobility in a positive and fun way! 

  • 4 week program 

  • 1x per week an in person class with babes (Aug 8, 15, 22, 29 @ 11am) @ Milne Dam Conservation Park, Markham ON

  • 1x per week virtual class - yoga, mobility, strength (Tuesdays at 7pm) 

  •  PLUS recording shared after

  • Movement Calendar

  • Local Mindsoul Mama facebook group 

Join our August Group for just $99
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